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#5Tweets: Jessica Smith on Transitioning from Ticket Sales to Sponsorship Sales

SJ Earthquakes VP of Sponsorship Jessica Smith didn't arrive at her current role like Athena springing from the forehead of Zeus. No, like so many sports professionals before her, she followed the tried and true path of ticket sales. With her #5Tweets, Jessica shares what she learned on the path from ticket sales to corporate sponsorship, and provides valuable insights for those looking to make a similar progression.


"Become a top producer in your ticket sales role. Show discipline and a true consideration for the company's success by working diligently toward your current goals. In addition to focusing on goals, consider the basics: show up early, stay late, and ask for more responsibility."



"Read. Keep up to date with the current sponsorship landscape by following brands, sponsorship pages and teams. Subscribe to Sports Business Journal, read your market’s local Business Journal and follow teams on Twitter to see their activations and storytelling come to life. "



"Network both internally and externally. Make it a point to share thoughts and ask questions to both educate yourself and show your understanding of sponsorship."



"Find sponsorship revenue streams in your current role. Is there a relationship you have formed that you can assist in growing? An unbranded asset that you know sponsors will see value in? Speak up."



"Get comfortable with your presentation skills. Practice building presentations and master your ability to speak with impact in front of groups. You'll need it for any interview you land."

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