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Services for Corporate Marketers

Building brands and driving sales through traditional marketing methods has never been more challenging. The dynamic growth of media platforms and content, hyper-segmentation of audiences, and heightened competition makes it extremely difficult to reach key groups in a meaningful way.

Corporate sponsorship and strategic partnerships provide marketers and brand managers with an effective tool for combating rampant marketing clutter. Linking a brand to a carefully considered sponsorship property provides an opportunity to interact with vital audiences in an emotionally powerful environment, infuse brands with essential attributes that are inherent to the property, and communicate with key audiences using common language and images.

ADC Partners provides a number of key services to corporate marketers seeking to develop strategic sponsorship programs for the first time, or those seeking to re-tool their existing efforts to ensure maximum effectiveness.


  • Strategic Partnerships: ADC helps identify the right partners to further marketing objectives, and then assembles the necessary plans to create mutually beneficial programs.

  • Content Development: ADC leverages the emotionally powerful intellectual property in place at every sports and entertainment property to generate content for multiple marketing platforms. 

  • Market Research: From exclusive executive interviews to broad based web surveys, ADC can help find the answers to essential marketing questions.

  • Asset Identification and Valuation: ADC assists both sponsors and properties find success by helping define both what they have to offer and the associated relative value of sponsorship program components.

  • Marketing Program Development: Using an integrated approach around sponsorship investments, ADC creates comprehensive marketing platforms that builds brands and generates sales.

  • Quantitative Opportunity Review & Evaluation (QORE): QORE is an ADC developed analytical tool designed to take the guesswork out of sponsorship and marketing decision making. Additional information is available by clicking here.

  • Sales Training: ADC expertise in sales environments is encapsulated in a series of hands on seminars designed specifically for front line sales staff.

  • Naming Rights: Whether a property developing a facility naming rights package or a corporation evaluating the merits of a potential partnership, ADC has the experience necessary to get the right deal done.

  • Sales Generation: ADC has developed sales and lead generation programs that have delivered tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

  • Event Services: Whether the event is regional or international in scope, ADC has the experience necessary to ensure that programs are executed smoothly and effectively.

  • Program Review and Analysis: ADC assists marketers in measuring program effectiveness by identifying relevant benchmarks and then creating the tools necessary to ascertain program outcomes.

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