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Services for Sports Businesses

  • Ticket Sales: Defining and structuring ticket sales and marketing strategies including pricing, product design, and customer service/retention plans.

  • Sponsorship Planning and Execution: Providing turn key solutions for corporate sponsorship initiatives, from structure to sell through, including facility naming rights.

  • Market Development Training: Comprehensive training for a team’s sales force to optimize both ticket holder acquisition and retention. Sales and customer service training.

  • Market Research: Examine the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a market to assist in shaping marketing and sales plans.  Focus Group planning, management and facilitation.

  • Relocation Strategies: Present and propose market analyses, facility reviews, and opportunity projections to determine optimal direction for franchise relocation.

  • Start-Up Services: Complete service offering designed to successfully launch new or relocated franchises.

  • Marketing Strategy: Complete marketing plan development and execution.

  • Facility Services: Complete guidance of the facility development process,  including site selection, design review, and funding strategies.

  • Business Communications: Defining a communication strategy to enhance team’s mission with an emphasis on support ticket and sponsorship sales.

  • Recruitment: Executive recruitment and staff position fulfillment.

  • Broadcast/Media Rights Negotiation: Strategy and negotiation support for successfully obtaining broadcast partners.

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