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Services for Colleges and Universities

Universities and colleges are facing unprecedented pressure to improve existing financial performance and generate new revenue streams. To do so, many schools are considering how to expand their involvement with corporate partners.


For more than a decade, ADC Partners has helped universities create partnerships with corporate sponsors that simultaneously maximize revenue while mitigating impact on the campus environment.

  • Asset Identification and Valuation: Identification and valuation of existing assets that can be delivered to corporate partners as part of a sponsorship package. Recommendations for new assets that can increase perceived program value

  • Ticket Sales: Defining and structuring ticket sales and marketing strategies including pricing, product design, and customer service/retention plans.

  • Sponsorship Planning and Execution: Providing turn key solutions for corporate sponsorship initiatives, from structure to sell through, including facility naming rights.

  • Market Development Training: Comprehensive training for a team’s sales force to optimize both ticket holder acquisition and retention. Sales and customer service training.

  • Market Research: Examine the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a market to assist in shaping marketing and sales plans.  Focus group facilitation, online survey development and execution, executive interviews.

  • Facility Services: Complete guidance of the facility development process,  including site selection, design review, and funding strategies.

  • Business Communications: Defining a communication strategy to enhance team’s mission with an emphasis on support ticket and sponsorship sales.

  • Executive Recruitment: Leveraging a combined 90 years of industry experience and contacts to fill mission critical staffing roles.

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