Our list of essential stadium food items. Yes, we're traditionalists (for the most part...) 



Um, duh.

Sweet Pretzel


The big, warm, soft kind with pebble sized chunks of salt on it. Oh, and a little mustard for dipping. 



Impossible to load enough toppings on these gems: mustard, onions, relish, sauerkraut. And no: don't care how it's made. 

Shelled Peanuts


Oh, the salty goodness of ballpark peanuts. Equaled only by the joy of laying down a veritable carpet of shells that will be hosed down later.  

French Fries

Garlic Fries

Not available everywhere, which is why we always arrive about 1 hour early. That way we can leave the stadium, hunt some down at a nearby restaurant, and order them for take out. 


Elvis Jabberdog

Two feet of brownie rolled in Rice Krispies, dipped in funnel cake batter & deep fried.

Oh please. Not in a million years.