The most unusual (and, frankly, terrifying) trophies of college football rivalries. 

The Troll: Concordia College-St. Olaf

OK, there's weird, and then there's just plain unsettling. The trophy is meant to honor the Norwegian heritage of the Minnesota region from which both schools hail. I mean, I guess it's an honor...?

Bones: Memphis-UAB

The South takes it's BBQ very seriously, so this Memphis, TN - Birmingham, AL trophy is served up to the winner (see what I did there...?) Just slightly less unnerving than the Troll.

Platypus: Oregon-Oregon State

Oregon teams are the Ducks, and Oregon State teams are the Beavers. So the trophy is a Platypus. Get it? GET IT? Maybe a little too clever for it's own good.  

Telephone: Missouri-Iowa State

Created to honor a game in the 1950's when the coaches' communications got switched up so they could hear each other's play calling. Only trophy we know of that pays homage to ineptitude. 

Dutchman’s Shoes: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-Union College

Like the Troll (jeez, I can't get that horrible thing out of my mind...), the world's most uncomfortable shoes are intended to honor the upstate New York's populations Dutch heritage. 

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