Things we're looking forward to as the pandemic begins to wind down馃... 

Not Cough Stifling 

I've nearly blown an eyeball out of its socket trying to prevent a cough in public as to not cause a stampede . 

Movie Theaters

I'm actually kinda looking forward to listening some one talk in a theater during a movie. And then being able to tell them to shut up. 

Video Conference Settings

Why do my audio and camera settings change every. single. time? Guess what? I won't have to care any more! 

Forgetting a Mask

Definitely looking forward to pulling out of the driveway, and then NOT having to turn right around to go back in and grab a mask. (Joke's on me anyway: there were 32 masks in the center console...)

Use Face ID in Public

Oh to not have to enter my passcode 33 times while grocery shopping.  


Actually having to put some thought into what I'll wear out in public, versus pulling on whatever I've been wearing for the last 4 days.

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