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Here's our top 5 list of most unusual meetings, in no particular order. Some we laugh about every time we recall them, other's we're still trying to forget...

The Feet

While in the discovery phase for a new client, we had a meeting with the Provost of a Community College. In the middle of the meeting, she nonchalantly popped off her shoes, put her feet on the table, and started cleaning her toenails. While disgusting, she does get points for continuing the conversation as if nothing unusual was happening. 

The Infinity Plan

While working for a different agency, we'd spent months developing an affinity marketing plan for a major Bay Area company. The agency's principal, who hadn't been involved in the process, decided to attend the pitch to the company's executive team. Introducing the concept, the principal referred to it as an "Infinity Plan". Repeatedly. And while an Infinity Plan would obviously be super cool, the client apparently didn't need one. 

The Caskets

Sat in on a meeting with two funeral home owners who wanted to get sponsorships for caskets to help defray the costs for the recently departed. And that's not even the best part. When one of the owners described the quality of the caskets, I indicated that I was "flabbergasted." He responded with indignation, "No! They're made of metal!" It took me a minute to figure out that he'd heard "fiberglass" instead of "flabbergasted". Had to excuse myself from the room to hurt myself laughing.  

The Actor

While working at another agency, a famous Hollywood actor came into the offices to discuss his role in a large scale global event we were developing. Halfway through my 15 minute presentation, he was sound asleep and snoring in his chair. After a moment's hesitation we woke him up, at which point he stood up and left. Never did get to finish my presentation...

The Errant Pitcher

We were delivering the findings of a report to the client's executive team. A junior member of the company was circling the table, filling everyone's water glasses from a pitcher. As she approached the president, she somehow lost her footing and stumbled, throwing the half full pitcher (with ice and citrus slices) into his lap. She was, of course, horrified, but the President handled it gracefully.

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