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Podcast: Launching GameDay Vodka with Charles Nieves, VP of Marketing for GameDay Vodka

ADC Partners Podcast Interview with David Perry, SVP Integrated Partnerships for Pac-12 Networks

If you’re not familiar with GameDay Vodka, that might be because you haven’t attended a football game this year. GameDay has been EVERYWHERE this football season, building their fast growing brand by connecting with fans at the grass roots level through partnerships and smart use of intellectual property. GameDay's VP of Marketing Charles Nieves and I talk about what goes into launching a challenger brand into such a competitive category.

But that’s not all.

Charles is also one of the rarest of breeds in sports marketing: he’s someone who successfully made the transition from selling sports partnerships to now sitting on the brand side and making decisions about where to invest in sports. That change in perspective has produced some useful observations about the sales process, many of which he shares here.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s even got some tips on how to fully enjoy GameDay Vodka, so you’ll want to be sure to listen all the way until the end.

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Bruce Mendelsohn
Bruce Mendelsohn

GameDay Vodka makes every day game day.

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