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Podcast: Sina Nader, Head of Partnerships, FTX.US

ADC Partners Podcast Interview with David Perry, SVP Integrated Partnerships for Pac-12 Networks

In this episode we’re talking cryptocurrencies.

But who isn’t talking about crypto these days? Crypto is the future! Crypto is over! What the heck even is crypto...?!?

While we might debate what’s in store for crypto currencies, one thing that’s undeniable is the impact that they’ve had on sports marketing. Crypto firms have been everywhere in sports: running Super Bowl ads, renaming arenas, partnering with athletes… Seems like every time you went to watch a game, there was another crypto company.

And then the bottom appeared to fall out of the market.

So what’s next for crypto companies and sports? How are their sports marketing strategies changing? Are they even looking for new opportunities?

To help us answer these and other questions, we’re talking with Sina Nader, Head of Partnerships for FTX US. FTX has been one of the most active and visible crypto businesses in sports, partnering with leagues, athletes, facilities, and colleges. We’ll dive into his history with crypto and where he sees things headed, both in terms of the industry, and their partnerships in sports.

Click below to listen, or check the episode out on your favorite podcast platform (Apple or Spotify)

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