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#5Tweets: Banner Health CMO Alexandra Morehouse on Agency Partnerships

Alexandra Morehouse has held C-Level marketing positions at Charles Schwab, AAA, Kaiser Permanente and others, so she knows a thing or two about working with agencies. Currently the CMO at Phoenix-based Banner Health, Alex shares 5 thoughts (in under 140 characters, natch) on how she creates constructive, valuable relationships with her agency partners.


"Treat your agency as a partner, not a vendor. They work best when they're an extension of your staff, not an outsider."


"Don't be afraid to hire a portfolio of specialist agencies, rather than one all-purpose agency. Payback is worth extra management time."


"Agencies should know each other & work together across functional lines. Require them to bring you integrated solutions & campaigns."


"Use your agencies to fill staffing gaps; rent people, capabilities and skills that you don't have or can't hire internally."


"Pay attention to who is doing the work. Agencies have high turnover, so make sure you're getting and keeping the right team of people."

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