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#5Tweets: Mark Shuken, President Pac 12 Networks

5 tweets from sports business professionals

Suffice it to say that if it's ever appeared on a screen, Pac 12 President Mark Shuken has probably had a hand in putting it there at one time or another. With stops at Rivals Networks, Liberty Networks, Fox Sports, Direct TV, Osmosis, and Time Warner Cable, Mark has had a front row seat to watch the blinding pace of change in media from multiple perspectives.

In his #5Tweets, Shuken touches on his vision for Pac-12 Networks, reaching younger fans, and what it takes to keep partnerships alive during a pandemic.



On controlling Pac-12 content:

"It has never been more important to own and control rights, and to maintain the flexibility and optionality to distribute and commercialize content across multiple platforms."



Regarding taking Pac-12 rights to market in 2024:

"We remain bullish that when we go back out to market in 2024, we expect to see a very significant rise in rights values given the premium nature of our content."



On reaching younger fans:

"Younger fans are less interested in watching full live sports broadcasts, so mobile will continue to grow in importance. We’ll be untapping opportunities through content tailored to mobile and social platforms more than ever."



On corporate partnerships during the COVID-19 pandemic:

"Most brands are taking a long-term view on partnerships. If we can demonstrate brand connection and value, ability to adapt and go above and beyond to deliver a strong ROI, brands are ready to continue and even expand partnerships."



On the effect of Name-Image-Likeness Legislation:

"We are in the business of storytelling, and our Pac-12 athletes have incredible stories to tell. I think this moment is an incredible one to tell those stories, to support our student-athletes and to give them additional platforms to have their voices be heard."

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