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#5Tweets: Avaya's Andy Steen Lives at the Intersection of Sports and Technology


Andy Steen, Head of Strategic Marketing, Avaya

You think the pace of technology change is fast now? Brace yourself. As the Head of Strategic Marketing for communications innovator Avaya, Andy Steen is in the heart of Silicon Valley and has her finger on the pulse of what's next. We asked her to gaze into her Apple Watch crystal ball app and fill us in on 5 trends that will be shaping sports businesses and fans in the coming... hours?



Fans want more personalized, targeted experiences. The more we use digital devices, the smarter machines become.




For teams, faster and smarter ways to communicate with key personnel (doctors, coaches, media etc.) Tools that fit team’s critical moments (Training, practice, on and off-season, gamedays, post-game) are key.



Remote Experiences

Not every fan can attend games. We’re seeing innovation in remote viewing through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). This is taking fan engagement to the fans on a global level.



Real-Time Feeds and Wearable Tech

The emergence of tracking, live streaming, and big data tech has paved the way for accurate, real-time feeds. Players and coaches can be outfitted to track pertinent stats and health data, which can further immerse fans.



High-Resolution, High-Impact Video

People love video content. We’re talking 4K Ultra-HD streams of a game or event, available for live viewing across multiple platforms, websites & channels. This then leads to a demand for video so it can be shared, viewed, edited, and more.

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