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#5Tweets: Sports Business PhD Kenneth Cortsen on Brands & Sports Marketing


Kenneth Cortsen, PhD, University College of Northern Denmark

You probably think you've spent a fair bit of time thinking about sports, marketing and branding. Well, I guarantee that you haven't done nearly as much ruminating as Kenneth Cortsen, one of only a handful of people in the world with a PhD in sports marketing. We've translated his 5 Tweets from their original Danish (JK: his English is better than ours...) to get insight into his thinking on how sports can advance marketing objectives.


Because sports are so dynamic, time and context are crucial. Marketers must take great pains to be relevant for fans and other stakeholders 'right here, right now.'



Hybrid Sports Branding (HSB) emphasizes the importance of brands interacting at several levels of sports. Success depends on a multi-tier strategy using personal (player), products & organization (team).



For marketers, HSB also emphasizes how co-branding, content co-creation and strategic alliances are vital ingredients required to effectively commercialize sponsorships.



Strategic corporate social responsibility remains an under-exploited area in branding and sports sponsorship. Sports present a fertile ground and audience for sharing corporate good works.



Above all: minimize ambiguity at all costs. To be effective at using sports for marketing purposes, strong, powerful messages are essential for breaking though enormous clutter.

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