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#5Tweets: Bank of America SVP Global Sponsorship Charles Greenstein


Charles Greenstein, SVP Global Sponsorships, Bank of America

We're not saying Bank of America's Charles Greenstein threw the gauntlet in a recent interview with the Sports Business Journal, but he sure as heck lobbed it some. Coming on the heels of the much publicized incentive program being promoted by sponsorship titan AB In-Bev, it's clear that sports marketing investors are feeling their oats. Here are 5 Tweets culled from the exchange, which you can read in its entirety here (subscription required).


"We look for brand/product messaging and amplification, community impact, and client/fan engagement. Team assets allow us to differentiate. Our League rights are the connective tissue, but clubs allow us to deliver it all."



"I have a large team renewal and they are asking for a 25 percent increase… You wonder if they are just throwing numbers against the wall."



"A conversation that started with them saying “Our brand stands on its own, it’s iconic, it’s not about revenue needs” ended with “We’re under a lot of pressure to get more sponsorship money.”



"I look at some new facilities, like the District being built in L.A. for the Chargers and the Rams. We’ve done the analysis… How you can get a multiple on the return as a founding sponsor for what they are asking? (ed. note: $10 million+)"



"What a lot of them don’t understand is that we’re willing to walk, and there are more sponsors feeling that way."

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