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#5Tweets: BYU's Casey Stauffer on Social Media

When Casey Stauffer began managing corporate partnerships at BYU, Facebook had 12 million users. Today it's closer to 1.8 billion.

In that intervening time, BYU has become one of the most adept sports organizations at using social media to engage fans with sponsors.

Below are Casey's five tweets on finding success with social media, sports and sponsorship:


1. Content is king in sports, and video content is the KING of Kings. Social Media is visual. NOT text based. Show rather than tell.


2. Weave sponsored content into what you’re doing. Don’t just push sponsor content that’s not connected/relevant. Followers will not engage.


3. Timing & timeliness is EVERYTHING. Being methodical in addition to “in the moment” on your posts avoids follower FOMO.


4. Show your teams, athletes and coaches in a way that nobody else is. Show your followers what they can’t see anywhere else.


5. Educate sponsors on using your content to engage fans and connect w/ brands. They can help carry the conversation in a meaningful way.

You can connect with Casey on Twitter: @stauffer5

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