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#5Tweets: Christina Lowe on Using Global Events to Reach Multicultural Audiences

Christina Low has managed broadcast and sponsorship portfolios for some of the largest sports properties imaginable, including the Olympics and English Premier League. She's got 5 Tweets for US brands on how to position their global sports investments for international audiences.


"Many US companies invested in global sports are too focused on US-based activation. Biggest returns will come from international markets"



"Luckily, IoT & big data simplifies targeted cross platform deployment of multicultural campaigns that leverage global sport investments"



"Market research & development are key to creating cross cultural, multi-lingual campaigns that resonate in both US & international markets"



"Targeting international demos within the US will increase engagement and engagement in their home countries"



"Key tactic: leverage US-based international or 2nd gen. athletes to connect w/ target countries through storytelling & cultural celebration"

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