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#5Tweets: Rachel Haley, Global Connections Strategy Lead, Airbnb


Rachel Haley, Global Connections Strategy Lead, Airbnb

When you think of Airbnb, one of the progenitors of the Internet-based gig economy, the assumption might be that they exclusively market their hospitality services in their native environment: online. Well, not so fast. According to Rachel Haley, the company's Global Connections Strategy Lead, partnerships are critical to their success. With a wide ranging partnership portfolio that includes Audi, Disney, and National Geographic, she provides some insights into how Airbnb approaches partnerships and what she looks for.


"Partnerships are crucial for us, especially because we are outspent by competitors by at least ten to one."



"I think partnerships are really the ultimate influencer. They can provide credibility in areas that we can’t, and they allow us to tell our brand story in a unique way."



"One big thing we’re always looking at is do their brand values align? Are they speaking in a way that we feel comfortable to represent with them, to show that we’re partners?”



"Don’t bring me a cookie-cutter version that you could present to any hotel brand. I’m never going to buy that.”



"It needs to be the kind of partner that brings something completely unique that you could never do, and you do the same, and then that is where the magic happens.."

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