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#5Tweets: Jessica Berman, Deputy Commissioner, National Lacrosse League

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

5 tweets from sports business professionals

In taking on the role of Deputy Commissioner at the National Lacrosse League, Jessica Berman recently became the highest ranking woman in a men's professional sports league. In her #5Tweets, she reflects on the moment and what it takes to continue growing a second tier sports league.


"I realize the significance and will approach this opportunity with the same commitment that I have throughout my career. There are so many women in senior positions - Val Ackerman, Kim Davis, Kim Ng, Michelle Kydd Lee and Kathy Carter - whom I have looked up to in my career."



"I do hope that some day soon there are even more senior women working in sports, at all levels, influencing business decisions because diverse perspectives will make the result better."



"Digital storytelling today has to be a priority for anyone looking to grow a brand, a property, a team or a league. We need to be prepared to engage fans wherever and whenever they want. The next generation of fans in particular expect that.”



"For social responsibility to be authentic it needs to be embedded into every area of the business. It will fit into everything I do. It’s a way of thinking that will influence our partnerships, our community engagements, our marketing and branding, our hiring, our identity.”



Growth of this sport will come across all platforms, from sponsorship to media, to the growth of the game at the youth level, to the storytelling of our athletes, teams and coaches.”

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