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#5Tweets: Kayleen Tecker, Partnership Marketing Manager, Caribou Coffee


Kayleen Tecker, Partnership Marketing Manager, Caribou Coffee

When people think of NFL sponsors, they tend to think of huge, multinational corporations with pockets so deep you can swim around in them. Caribou Coffee doesn't exactly fit that description. With a marketing budget that's infinitesimal compared to most NFL partners, Caribou has to be dialed in on their marketing investments. Partnership Marketing Manager Kayleen Tecker provides 5 Tweets on how she's finding success leveraging Caribou's "official coffee" status with the Minnesota Vikings..


"Minnesota is home for Caribou, and we have found a lot of success when it comes to being the hometown coffee for our hometown teams."



"Being authentic is key. It’s important to us that everything feels authentic to our guests and Vikings fans."



"We created specific Caribou Perks “Vikings Experiences” (Perks is our loyalty program) for our guests. We also created a Vikings SKOL Blend that launched in all of our Minnesota locations when Vikings training camp started this fall.”



""You won’t see our logo on a large sign in-stadium, or a lot of traditional advertising assets in our partnerships.”



"Experiences, unique activations, and utilizing our “official coffee” status in authentic ways for our guests is most important.”

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