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#5Tweets: Jeff Katz, General Manager, Gum Gum Sports

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

5 tweets from sports business professionals

Jeff Katz, General Manager, Gum Gum Sports

Big data, artificial intelligence, and omni-channel analytics generally aren't the first things that spring to mind when people think of sponsorship signage. They are if you're Jeff Katz, GM of sports analytics pioneer Gum Gum Sports. Using AI to scan broadcasts and social media, Gum Gum gives sponsors new insights into value associated with brand positions. Here are five essential tweets culled from Jeff's recent interview with Hashtag Sports.


"For the NBA, we’re seeing anywhere from 70% to 90% of value coming from non-team accounts. So just from a market standpoint, if we’re not scanning the longtail of social, there’s just a ton of value that’s being left on the table.."



"Tremendous value could be unlocked if athletes are given the ability to share highlight clips If I’m a rights owner, the question I would ask is, “Would it truly harm my business if the content was emancipated, or if it was more freely flowing?"



"Factors that contribute to overall sponsor value: TV visible signage inventory, how many compelling highlights per game are there, and how vigorous rights holders are in enforcing media rights. NBA way ahead in all these areas.”



"What’s really interesting about the NBA jersey patch is that it’s a social-first asset. In fact, 76% of the media value we saw came from social media compared to just 24% from the TV game broadcasts.”



"Fundamentally what’s changed is that traditional sport signage is now omni-channel. It’s now truly a multichannel asset. When walking through the entire valuation process with brands, they feel comfortable with all types of metrics.”

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